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 Leo Forte

Position: Versatile
Cock Size: 7.5"
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Build: Athletic

Leo Forte is a kinkster that has gained acclaim in the Fetish industry, however he’s a very multi-talented individual. There are great porn stars, and then there are just great people; Leo is both. Leo crossed over into the mainstream gay porn industry making films like Golden Gate: Season 4, Stalker, and Undiscovered; also making cameos in Grindhouse, Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up, Hooker Stories 2, and Frat House Cream. He’s made a multitude of films in his relatively short time in the industry. Leo is slowly making his transition behind the camera as a screenwriter, videographer, and budding director – as mr. Pam’s protégé. He is a walking hard-on with the charm and swagger to get any man undressed and bent over. So very rarely does someone have the potential to change the industry, and as Leo develops we are ager to see what he will do.
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