Jimmy Norris And London Ryan
What's the biggest cock you have ever taken? Ever had 9+ inches? How about taking a monster like that for your first time? Would you be scared or just bend over and open wide? Whatever the case, after Jimmy Norris was here for his solo shoot, he got a chance to see some hardcore action being filmed which sparked his curiosity. Jimmy would ask if it was ok if he just hung out in the background and simply observed. He was so intrigued that his eyes were glued in on the action. He just couldn't get enough. The day after Jimmy got back home from his solo shoot, he called us up and asked to come back out to do some experimenting with a guy for his first time. After the behind-the-scenes viewing, Jimmy felt like he was sufficiently prepared for this new experience. However, once London Ryan whipped out his horse cock in front of Jimmy, that all went out the window. Come along as Jimmy learns about new pleasures in life. We gotta hand it to him, for his first time bottoming, he took that giant "Diggler" dick like a pro! You have a very bright future ahead of you Jimmy!


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